– A New Startup From TechBurner

So, I am Amit Raikwar and today we gonna know what is layers, who is the founder, and what is the concept behind layers.

What is LAYERS?

Layers is a new startup company from Techburner, Their aim is to provide 3d smartphone skins by printing layers on layers so they feel like 3d skin.

We all like to do experiments, even whenever I feel like my smartphone getting old I just change my back cover but they are looks so fat. So a better option go with phone skin.

Who is the founder of

Shlok Srivastava is the founder of TechBurner, he has his own Youtube channel where he started his journey.

What is the Concept?

The concept is so simple as we know, with time things are getting old and there are some scratches too. The same thing applies to our smartphones as well. So the idea is that it will enhance the look of your smartphone 10 times to make your smartphone look new by equipping the smartphone skin.

Source: Techburner
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