GRAPH in Blender – Begginer Tutorial

Hello everyone, today we will know about the graph to be used in the blender

Graphs are an important part of the animation in Blender. But we don’t try to understand it and what we do, they understand. So if you find the graph easy, then we will go through the step-by-step process! will follow So if you find the graph handy, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step! will follow

Basics of graph

Here we will learn some basic activities that how you can set up the graph interface. Some shortcuts you can use to make your animation stand out. First, let’s learn about interfaces.

Setup interface

As soon as you open Blender you will be asked to create a new project. You can name the project as per your choice. Now you see the default layout of Blender Which we will customize accordingly.

Viewport and timeline in Blender
Viewport and timeline in Blender

You’ll see the 3D viewport and timeline on this screen. There is a line in the middle of the timeline on this 3D viewport. which separates the two.

Separation Line in Blender
Separation Line in Blender

Move the mouse pointer over this line, you can see. The mouse pointer icon has changed to a double arrow Now we have to right-click on this movement with the mouse. Right-click in front of you A dialog box will open

Mouse Cursor on Separation lIne
Mouse Cursor on Separation lIne

In which you have to select Vertical Split. Now move your mouse pointer on the timeline and press the left click. Due to this your timeline will be split into two parts. Now move the mouse cursor over the timeline you want to graph and press Ctrl+Tab on the keyboard and mac user cmd+tab

There are many other ways to reach when, but this one offers a lot of flexibility. We can easily see the timeline 3D viewport and graph editor on our own screen. Now you can zoom in and out with the help of the scroll wheel of the mouse.

You can also move the screen of the graph by pressing and holding the mouse skin bell and moving the mouse. Left-clicking will get your keyframe selected. And on selecting this 3-pointer line, we will call it the handle. I think this is enough for basic knowledge.

Now coming to the modifiers.

The 2 most useful modifiers will be found in the modifier, which we are going to know about.

  • Noise
  • Cycles


We use noise to bring any linear momentum to random noise. Using Noise Modify, we can compress the camera and bring a random moment into the keyframe.


This is one of the very useful and time-saver modifiers, we use it. You can make the moment of your animation cyclic.

Use graph smartly

Now you know enough that graphs are not a difficult task for you

Want to learn more about the Graph Watch this video:

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