Graph in After Effect – Speed Graph Vs Value Graph

Value graph vs Speed Graph
Value graph vs Speed Graph

Today we will learn about the After Effects confusing part graph.

Well, it is not as hard as it seems. Let us understand what it exactly is, how does a graph work, and what? How can you add life to a video with a graph?

Basic of Graph

Look at this figure carefully and try to understand. What’s going on here? As you see three letters ABC. These are all three keyframes, where A’s value is 0, B’s value is 100, and C’s value is 0.

There are two types of graphs in After Effects.

Value graph and speed graph.

We have just learned about the value graph. In this, you are manipulating the value. If you do not like the frame of the bus, you do not know the value then you have to use it. You can graph that position in the rotation scale opacity and many more in which there are keyframes

Here we are creating the shape to explain to you. Now we will select this player and press P on the keyboard Once the position is opened, we will click on the stopwatch icon. Put the keyframe, we can call this one’s keyframe A.

Then go ahead a bit and put keyframes, but we have to keep in mind that if our position value is minus or plus, then the graph will be drawn according to the value If there is a plus then upwards then minus then downwards We call this keyframe b

Now create a third keyframe or click on reset. This will reset your position. And whatever the default position was, the keyframe will be engaged. Remember the graph depends on your keyframe

The more the value difference is in your keyframe, the more the graph will go up or down. Now by selecting the keyframe, F9 on the keyboard to refresh and easy ease. Now open the graph by clicking on the graph icon. Now here you will be seeing the handle, seeing which you do not have to panic.

All you have to keep in mind is that the higher you raise the handle, the more the power of its coverage area will increase, and the more you lower it, the more its coverage area will decrease. And with this, you will see that the animation you have made has become quite smooth.

By doing this, you will gradually start being friendly with yourself and you will start to understand the graph very well. Using Graph, you can create shakes, motion graphics, logo animations, and much more that animates.

Speed Graph

The speed graph does not depend on the value like the value graph. It depends on his speed. The speed graph is needed where you don’t want to separate the values ​​because each value has to be separated in the first scale. Then he has to animate.

By the way, if you animate the position, then there are X and Y combined then there can be a lot of problems in the value graph, and when we separate it creates a problem. To deal with this problem, we use a speed graph

Animation Value graph

Now handles like in the value graph increase the power on moving up and decrease on moving down. Now it can be different from them in different situations. You take some time to experiment so that the graph and you get to know each other.

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